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Gesture Music car player for Android

- REQUIRES ANDROID | Published by Parsec sys on 2022-01-21   | Category: Music

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About Gesture Music car player

Gesture Music car player is a Music app by Parsec sys. ********************************* Watch a demo in YouTube: ********************************* With GestureMusic you can control the music from your iPhone or iPod Touch by simple gestures without the need to be looking at the screen.

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    Whats new in v2.07

    • Release date: 2022-01-21
    • Current version: 2.07
    • File size: 21.10 MB
    • Developer: Parsec sys
    • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android Pie 9.0, Quince Tart 10, Red velvet cake 11, Snow cone 12 or later versions

    6 things about Gesture Music car player

    1. With GestureMusic you can control the music from your iPhone or iPod Touch by simple gestures without the need to be looking at the screen.

    2. Now you can use the iPhone or iPod Touch in your car safely, avoiding the usual distractions that happen when you switch songs or operate the iPhone while driving.

    3. Move your finger from right to left to switch to the next song, or from left to right to switch to the previous song.

    4. Briefly touch the screen to put the iPod on pause, and touch again to resume.

    5. Also, the application displays the artist name and song title in big, easily readable letters.

    6. You can also control the volume by moving your finger from top to bottom or from bottom to top.

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    Gesture Music car player Reviews

    • Meh, it's ok.

      The app looks great, its easy to read, use, and performs good. Opus has more controls options and the music seach is also better. With this app you will only be able create and use playlists. On the other hand, Opus allows easy searching of your music library with the quick search feature (pick your letter). However, this app, while playing and using the controls, looks bigger and better, making it easier to read. I hope they fix the music search menu and make it more like the original iPod menu and not playlist mode, but still having that option.

      ~ By Some yun gui

    • Very Impressed

      I started out with the free version, which in itself was great, given all of the other car iPod control apps were anywhere from .99 to 4.99. The one thing about the free version though was that you had to start the iPod first, and then open this app. I decided to upgrade to the paid version (which was on sale this week apparently) so I could simply open this app to get the music playing. With that said, this is truly a great app for those who use their iPod touch/iPhones in the car. I hate the fact that on the regular iPod software, the control buttons are on the very bottom of the screen, and you have to either look (while driving), or know EXACTLY where they are to change your music. This app changes everything; all you do is swipe your finger from one side of the screen to the other if you want to skip, or go back a song - that's it. It will adjust the iPod screen to any angle you have it (sideways, upside down), so there is uniform control & you don't have to take your eyes off of the road. On the menu screen, you have two options - to either select a playlist from your iPod to play, or to create your own mix from all of your iPod music which is really cool (do this before you drive though!). I do wish that there was an option on the menu to access ALL of your iPod songs, but I guess you could open your iPod program first, and leave it on the entire song list, and then control it with this app. Overall, this is a great app, especially if you live in a state like California that has a no tolerance law for things like cell phones, and other distractions while driving.

      ~ By flubbaj

    • Agreed -- it IS the BEST of breed!!

      Love it!! Over the years (unfortunately!), I have "collected" several music players (LeechTunes, FluxTunes, PlaySafe, Opus, etc.) and GestureMusic is CLEARLY the best. Gesture swiping is great/needed (like others said, don't know why Google overlooked this) but I love the size of the song title & artist, and the different colors. Big, bold & clean. Love the album name (in the rounded box) underneath. It's the visual layout, to me, that makes GestureMusic so much better! Definitely worth 5 stars but wish: 1) the icon was better looking, and, 2) you didn't have to swipe so many times up or down when trying to turn the volume up or down (when trying to go from one extreme to the other, hope that makes sense). I could see the option for skins in the future but I love the simple black background -- easy on the eyes when driving (esp. at night -- you don't have a bright screen inside your car). Well done! Please keep up the great work!

      ~ By hockeyskates

    • Awesome app

      I love it!!!!!

      ~ By The6PPC

    • The BEST of breed!

      This app is so very well written. It is simple, clean, and in every case does exactly what you want it to do. It works in portrait, landscape, upside down. I like to play the iPod in the car and this makes it very easy. I couldn't disagree more with the previous reviewer who wanted fancier graphics. I want to easily see the key data without any clutter -- this does that no matter how I pick up the iPod. I've read about some of the other apps: 1 finger for this, 2 fingers for that, 3 fingers for the other -- what are they thinking about??? For the car??? This app has a bug. A setting will let you turn off the iPod screenlock, BUT if you do something like advance to the next (or previous) song, the screenlock feature turns right back on. You can change volume, or pause/resume with no problem. Getting out of the app and getting right back in will re-enable the screenlock override.

      ~ By BlamBob


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