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MiMiX - Mixer for Audiobus for Android

Published by TTrGames on 2017-04-06   - REQUIRES ANDROID | Category: Music

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$ 2.99

About MiMiX - Mixer for Audiobus

With MiMiX You can take total control of mixing of Your favorite Audiobus enabled apps’ outputs in the most convenient way. Just insert MiMiX into the Output Slot of Audiobus, even into multiple chains to mix the sound of the connected input or effect apps. MiMiX - Mixer for Audiobus is a Music app by TTrGames.

  • is MiMiX free? MiMiX costs $2.99
  • Is MiMiX on Android? Yes

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    Whats new in v2.3

    • Release date: 2017-04-06
    • Current version: 2.3
    • File size: 6.17 MB
    • Developer: TTrGames
    • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android Pie 9.0, Quince Tart 10, Red velvet cake 11, Snow cone 12 or later versions

    With MiMiX You can take total control of mixing of Your favorite Audiobus enabled apps’ outputs in the most convenient way. Just insert MiMiX into the Output Slot of Audiobus, even into multiple chains to mix the sound of the connected input or effect apps. You can even insert MiMIX into the input slot to send the mix or any of the ports to an other app, like a DAW to record the mix. Features: - Mix up to 8 Audiobus enabled apps including the system input or multiple channels of a multichannel input hardware - Send any of the ports to another Audiobus lane for multitrack recording or send FX - Set the main mix volume level between -INF and +12dB - Set the volume level of each input port between -INF and +12dB - Set the panning or balance of each port (selectable) - Mute any port - Set any port to solo or several port in multi-solo mode - Monitor any port or the main mix on the built-in oscilloscopes and VU meters - Control the main mix volume and volume, balance, mute and solo for each port using a MIDI controller or a Core MIDI app - Control the main mix volume and volume, mute and solo for each port using Audiobus Remote on a second iOS device - Set the MIDI CC parameters of each control via MIDI learn - Change the MIDI settings in-app - Double-tap on each knob or slider to set its default value - Check the saturation indicator for each port to check if the pots power reached 0dB - Check the clip indicator on the main mix to avoid clipping. - MiMiX supports Audiobus state saving feature - MiMiX supports multi-output hardware devices, up to 12 stereo pairs - MiMiX uses a 32 bit float engine so clipping can only occur at the main mix - MiMiX is lightweight - minimal CPU usage and memory footprint Check the preview video at: http://youtu.be/AWOKueL3Y34 Check the user manual at: http://ttrgames.hu/mimix/mimix_manual.pdf Compatible with iPad2 and newer. Requires iOS8 or newer and Audiobus 2 or 3. Fully iOS10 compatible.

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    MiMiX - Mixer for Audiobus Reviews

    • Great app.

      Allows me to set up various apps for live performance. Adjust volume for each one and use solo/mute buttons to move through the apps. It's like having my eight favorite presets at my fingertips. I just wish the solo and mute buttons were a bit larger.

      ~ By pianoguy2102

    • Extends Audiobus

      The app allows you to mix the output from various audio chains in Audiobus and record them into another app. It's very convenient for combining various apps together without needing a DAW to set the levels for you. The developer updates the app on a regular basis. The addition of a virtual MIDI port and AB Remote support allows you to control the levels and pan of your signal chains in Audiobus while in other apps. This is a great app that lets you do things you couldn't really do before in Audiobus or DAWS. You can run a couple of apps into MiMix to balance them out, then using MiMix in the input slot of another audio chain to send its output through more effects and record the results in another app. Even useful for tracking down issues in Audiobus as you can monitor the sounds of the apps fed into MiMix and see their output wave forms even if you're not hearing any sound to discover which app is not working. This can be useful to see if MIDI is being processed by an app as well.

      ~ By polarpaul

    • So Helpful and useful

      I had this app for a long time before I decided to put everything in it and is so very helpful for making the mix and leveling out volumes volumes and doing creative routing in and out of fx abc

      ~ By Sharade27

    • Works perfect with Audiobus

      I have been wanting something like this since moving to iOS for music making.

      ~ By 7Z7

    • Offers functionality you wish were built into AudioBus

      I'm giving MiMiX a 5-star review because it's an affordable, streamlined app that monitors and controls the output levels of audio apps. Many people have requested that this feature be built into AudioBus, but for the time being it is not. However, I should note that if you are using a DAW, most of those are going to have monitoring and mixing capabilities built in. MiMiX claims to do some additional things on the technical side to avoid clipping - I can't say if this is true or not. But the app does work as advertised. As a practical matter, I can't say how much I will use it for two reasons. One, many apps allow for output monitoring already. Two, the app is friendly for balancing mixes of several apps into AudioBus at once, but I rarely do that because of hardware/RAM limitations. But it's an intriguing app that works, and a nice item to have in the toolbox if needed.

      ~ By HouseOfHomuth


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