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- REQUIRES ANDROID | Published by PokerCruncher, LLC on 2022-10-24   | Category: Games

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About Poker Odds Teacher

Poker Odds Teacher is a Games app by PokerCruncher, LLC. Don’t just memorize the odds, *understand* them ..

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    Whats new in v9.2

    • Release date: 2022-10-24
    • Current version: 9.2
    • File size: 1.83 MB
    • Developer: PokerCruncher, LLC
    • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android Pie 9.0, Quince Tart 10, Red velvet cake 11, Snow cone 12 or later versions

    11 things about Poker Odds Teacher

    1. You might be thinking, how can you cover a game as complex as Texas Hold’em in 20 scenarios? Well, we agree, you can’t! But this app is about learning a general method not many specific situations, and we picked these 20 scenarios to cover a good cross-section of common and important pre-flop and post-flop situations.

    2. are useful tools but do they help you learn why the odds are what they are or are you just memorizing specific situations? And you can’t use these tools or odds/equity calculators in the middle of a live hand (would you really want to?; could be a “fish” tell :)).

    3. If you understand how to calculate the odds for say one generic TopPair vs TopPairTopKicker scenario or one representative Pair vs LowerPair pre-flop scenario, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge to other similar situations easily.

    4. There’s still value in specific hand situations, because they’re the building blocks that we can use to put together and estimate the odds for more complex hand range situations.

    5. Don’t just memorize the odds, *understand* them ... This app teaches you a general method for estimating the odds for just about any Texas Hold’em scenario in your head in real time.

    6. For example every good player should know the odds for specific hand situations like AJ vs.

    7. This app will take you through the 3 steps for each practice scenario, one screen per step, and will make sure that you’re on track towards a good odds estimate each step of the way, correcting you if needed.

    8. This app uses specific hand situations, and some people don’t see the value in this because in real life play we don’t know our opponents’ cards.

    9. You’re going to have to practice the method more than a few times, think about the outs and counter-outs, and do simple math operations in your head - basic +, -, *, /; let’s not let our math teachers down :).

    10. First you count your outs and estimate your odds of improving (using for example the "Rule of 4&2"; this app shows you how).

    11. This app takes a new and different approach to poker odds - understanding instead of memorizing, so you can handle any situation that comes your way.

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    Poker Odds Teacher Reviews

    • Unique Training Tool!

      I play a weekly game that’s always dealer’s choice - Omaha, Stud, Cross Cross, Pash the Trash - basically anything but Hold ‘Em. I’ve gotten good but to get to the next level I needed practice calculating odds. This is the only app I’ve found that both teaches you and gives you practice calculating odds using outs. I’m sure this functionality is buried somewhere in many other Hold Em apps but this is perfect for learning how to calculate odds, implied equity, pot equity, etc. I would take points off for pretty bad UI (why a slider???, yellow font?) and it doesn’t baby you as it teaches the math, but it’s the only thing out there that will give me the constant practice on the train, waiting for elevator, etc to try to start beating the shark at my local table. THANK YOU!!

      ~ By PopsRms

    • Great app

      This app has helped me improve my poker game since using it. I am faster and stronger at the tables

      ~ By 59asj

    • Spent do what it says

      While this does show you how to calculate the odds of a hand winning you must know the other players hand to use the apps method, which you wouldn't in an actual game. Don't waste your money.

      ~ By Magicman75

    • Spent .99 worth .17

      Not enough explanation, little diversity in scenario category and very vague formula theory and possibly inaccurate information

      ~ By Manofthefield

    • Best poker teaching app out there

      period. excellent and responsive developers!

      ~ By jdm071


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