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Published by Rise Science Inc on 2022-09-16   | Category: Health & Fitness

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Become a better sleeper thanks to 100 years of sleep science. Teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS as well as many Fortune 500 companies trust Rise to help members achieve better sleep. Rise: Energy & Sleep Tracker is a Health & Fitness app by Rise Science Inc.

  • is Rise free? Rise is free
  • Is Rise on Android? Yes

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    • Release date: 2022-09-16
    • Current version: 1.214
    • File size: 93.38 MB
    • Developer: Rise Science Inc
    • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android Pie 9.0, Quince Tart 10, Red velvet cake 11, Snow cone 12 or later versions

    Become a better sleeper thanks to 100 years of sleep science. Teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS as well as many Fortune 500 companies trust Rise to help members achieve better sleep. FROM THE RISE COMMUNITY: ***** Chase M. "Rise helped me understand how vital sleep truly is. In only a few weeks, I found myself more focused, energetic, and productive at work." *** Becky G. "I could see where sleep debt was causing issues, like temper short, not comprehending things, moving slowly.
 I had an epiphany... I'm getting 45min more sleep on average than I was before Rise." **** Katie B. "I never thought too much about the impact of sleep on my mood. With Rise I saw a very fast improvement in my sleep which impacted my relationship with my kiddos." FEEL BETTER Are you wondering how to get the most out of your sleep? It’s time to look beyond a new mattress or getting eight hours of shut eye and focus instead on your SLEEP DEBT. Sleep Debt is one of the most vital findings in the last century of sleep science. When your Sleep Debt is low, your quality of life as well as your life expectancy increases. When your Sleep Debt is high, the opposite happens. With Rise, learn what Sleep Debt is, how it works and then calculate your own. This will help you better understand why some days you feel great and others not as much. It will help you decipher when you should prioritize sleep and the real toll staying up late has on you. GUIDANCE TAILORED FOR YOU Do you find your mind racing just as your head hits the pillow? Unable to stop doom-scrolling on your phone until the early hours? Based on your data and the latest research, we’ll make recommendations on new personalized habits that fit your needs and help you feel better immediately. How Rise helps you sleep better: Encourages you to get into bed on time Provides guidance when you have difficulty sleeping Reduces the amount of times you wake up in the middle of the night Optimizes sleep time to reduce feelings of grogginess OPTIMIZE YOUR DAY We all have an internal brain clock that signals to your body when to be alert as well as when to go into recovery mode. Each body and mind is unique to another, from when we perform our best to when we should be sleeping and waking up. Given this individualization, we use advanced algorithms to highlight the optimal window for sleep and activity. AUTOMATICALLY TRACK SLEEP Through our integration with Apple Health, Fitbit, Oura, Garmin, Sleep Cycle and data from other sleep trackers already on your phone, Rise can determine the hours of sleep you get every night, the number of steps you take each day, as well as data from other various activities that affect your sleep pattern. WHY WE STARTED RISE We want to help get ahead of the Insufficient Sleep Epidemic (CDC, 2014) we are currently experiencing and that has been steadily increasing since 1985. This Epidemic has led to elevated mortality rates (Cappuccio, 2010) as well as underperformance in most aspects of life (RAND, 2016). Today, we look at sleep as a luxury. Rise strives to create a world where healthy sleep is a necessity. Terms of Service available at: bit.ly/rise-sleep-app-tos

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    Rise: Energy & Sleep Tracker Reviews

    • No free version.

      I’m stuck on the page forcing me to pay $60 for the app, but still get notifications. Just can’t look at the app. That’s insanely annoying. There’s no free version.

      ~ By *blaire

    • Great app! Buggy lately!

      Phenomenal app. I love seeing my energy schedule throughout the day and I find it to be quite accurate. My only issue with the app is that as of late it has become very buggy. Basically it seems like any night that I get less than two hours sleep (which sadly does happen sometimes) it basically does not register at all. As in my energy levels don’t change at all , as if my sleep debt had not changed (when in fact it should’ve increased significantly). i’ve noted that this phenomenon seems to happen when the sleep entry is less than two hours in length. Basically if you have an eight hour entry and then you shrink it to a 2 1/2 hour entry, usually your sleep energy will go down, and your sleep debt will go up, correspondingly. But if you have an eight hour entry and you shrink it to a five minute entry, the sleep energy doesn’t change in the least. Nor does the sleep debt. Even by the next day. It’s as if it just ignores that night rather than actually believing that I didn’t really sleep that night. But worse, sometimes even when the entry is longer than two hours, it still ignores it. Regardless of how long or short it is. And even if I fiddle with the entry to increase or reduce the amount of time. I’ve confirmed this by editing my sleep from last night and lengthening it from five hours to 10 hours or from 10 hours to three hours, and the sleep energy and debt remain exactly the same. Not correct. At this point I’m spending nearly 30 minutes a day just trying to give it a time that it will accept, even if it’s a little bit off, to see my approximate sleep energy. Which defeats the entire purpose of the app. This latter bug is a lot more confusing to me. And a lot more frustrating because it’s so much harder to work around. It is much more inconsistent and I don’t have a theory as to when it happens. I have tried everything. I’ve tried tweaking the times. I’ve tried editing the times through different menu options. I’ve tried restarting the app. I’ve tried restarting my phone. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it and logging back in. Nothing works, so I have to assume this is a bug of some kind. I will be more than happy to update my review to give it a five star as soon as this issue is fixed, or, sadly, to reduce it to a one star if it isn’t. I’m also more than happy to work with the development team to give them any information they need from me to help replicate the problem. Given that they are regularly updating the app I do anticipate that this will be fixed and I can’t wait to get back to using one of my favorite apps every day!

      ~ By Dan T. 123

    • Classic catch

      I don’t know if the app works, I just know they make you go over all the setup first to come and charge you $$$$.. there is no other way to use the app. Payment and subscribing should be disclaimed in the beginning!!!!

      ~ By vezzzuvio

    • Completely Inaccurate, No Solutions from Support

      The entire premise of the app is that your daytime functioning or fatigue etc is based solely on sleep debt, nothing else; sleep apnea, insomnia, other chronic or transient health issues are completely ignored. You can enter the amount of sleep you need, however the app will completely ignore it and go by it’s own algorithm for what it has decided you need, based on your insomnia, early wake ups from sleep apnea, or reduced sleep time for appointments, work, life, neighbors, etc. Emailing support results in months of, “it shouldn’t do that”, “I’ll have the engineers look into that”. After months of the “engineers looking into that” and the app still can’t calculate sleep debt, WHICH IS THE PREMISE OF THE ENTIRE APP, it’s basically a waste of time and a ridiculous amount of money for a sleep app that can’t perform a basic function.

      ~ By Sara3bey

    • Very impressed

      I am very impressed with your application it is the best sleep app I've ever used and I have tried them all due to my insomnia and now my daughters issues with sleep - i only just started using the app but have learned so much about the causes of lack of sleep and also how to better use my day to benefit me and my energy levels ! Thank you so much to the developers of this app you are really making a difference in my n my childrens lives !

      ~ By Jenihenna


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